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How I help clients hire great people for under 1k:

I have a process for hiring good people that is working in this market. The key is proactively reaching out to the most qualified people, telling them why your job is a good career move for them.

As you know, hiring good people has gotten much harder

Job ads aren't getting it done

Any successful recruiting effort will include a message that tells candidates why your job is a good career move for them.

In this market it's important to reach out to the most qualified people whether they are 'on the market' or not.

It's not enough to put up a job description with a paragraph about why management is pleased with itself and the company - candidates don't care.

Out of any 50 job postings out there, 6 or 7 will say nothing about why the company or opportunity would benefit the candidate in any way.

The good news is that in an ocean of incredibly lame communication aimed at candidates, it's easy to stand out with a well written message that speaks to candidates at their level about things that are important to them.

Service Summary:
I have access to a vast array or resources where candidates might post a resume or profile

I source qualified resumes of candidates that have posted or modified their information recently, once per week for five weeks.

I also help you write and send an email that will persuade them that it's in their interest to engage with your company and opportunity. Someone who isn't looking or on the market can become an active candidate if approached effectively.

During the five week period I am emailing candidates and sourcing resumes for you once per week, and forwarding the responses as they come in. If you are highly averse to calling candidates or don't have time I can also leave voicemail messages for them but again it works best if someone from your company calls them.


If you could hire the most talented and driven people every time you had a job opening what effect would that have on your business? On your life?

The starting point for me is to learn from you what the ideal person’s background looks like for your open position, then to identify all the people in your area who match the ideal as closely as possible. I’m not concerned whether they are “on the market” because we will craft a message that gives them compelling reasons to engage with your company and opportunity.

Advertising jobs is a method that has serious limitations because you’re only going to reach candidates who are in the habit of responding to job postings, and motivated enough to do so when your ad is active.

The problem is that many of the most qualified and talented people very rarely need to apply for a job. They change employers infrequently, and are contacted regularly based on an older posted resume or a profile that they have on social media.

And it’s impossible to control who responds to postings no matter how clearly minimum qualifications are stated in a job description. The result is that most companies end up wading through a large number of unqualified resumes. Hiring managers all over the country in every industry tell me that dealing with unqualified candidates fatigues hiring managers and can lead to bad choices with "fixer uppers."

The way to hire the kind of people that help move a business forward, that make a manager’s job easier not harder, is to find and selectively contact only the most qualified people. You must be the one doing the choosing. The time that is currently wasted on the unqualified can be invested in persuasive efforts toward the most qualified.

If it’s been a while since you evaluated how well your job description fits into the current mission and business processes, I can help. Because you will be choosing who to contact, your job description can be oriented toward giving them reasons to investigate further. It’s not necessary to waste their attention listing obvious minimum qualifications meant to screen out the unqualified. I will help you write a job description that gets the best people interested and motivated.

To start the learning process, I pull five or six real, current resumes to get your feedback on what you like and don't like about each one. Once I have a couple of resumes that you consider to be highly qualified, I will be able to help you find enough similar candidates for you to be able to hire someone. We can go through an initial review of resumes before you make any commitment to the service. All I need is a brief conversation about who you're looking for and a job description or posting if you have one.




Below is list of questions that will help us find all of the permutations of a highly qualified candidate:

Position Title:

Position Salary Range:

Other titles that a qualified candidate might have:

Functions/Roles that they will have in your company:

Where must the candidate live?: Zip Code: Radius: Is relocation an option? Yes No

Titles that we don’t want to see:

Skills that must appear on every resume:

Skills that we want to see on their resume:

Desired seniority/experience level:

Ideal candidates might work for the following companies:

Are there schools that exceptional candidates might have attended?

Is a specific industry background mandatory? Yes No If not, which industries are desirable in order of priority?:

Industries that won’t work? :

Are there degrees that they must have?:

What certifications or degrees would you like to see?:

Are there associations or groups that an ideal candidates might belong to?:

Ideal background in terms of company size?:

Do you have resumes/profiles of candidates who have the ideal background?

Please list anything that comes to mind about the background and skills you are looking for:

Are there awards he or she might have won, earlier or later in life:

Specific kinds of equipment, processes, software, or anything brand specific that might be listed on their resume:


Because competition for the most talented people is so intense it's going to be very important to communicate everything that's cool about the company, the position, growth potential, technology, the work they will be doing etc. If you have a strong marketing piece written up already please send it over, otherwise I can help you as part of the service. It’s very likely that the best candidates for your open position are being pursued by other companies and recruiters so getting the marketing right is just as important as finding great resumes and profiles, which is also part of the service.
The good news is that it's extremely rare for anyone to do a good job of marketing a position from the candidate’s perspective. I always recommend to my clients that they consult with their valued employees to get their take on why they like working for your company. A testimonial from a current employee about why they made a good decision to come to work for you would be incredibly valuable.

Here are a few questions that I hope will be helpful to you:

If your company has fewer employees than where they are working now, will this allow them a broader range of experiences and responsibilities? In what ways will they be better off working for a smaller company?

What are some aspects of their role with your company that might be more interesting or stimulating that what they are doing now?

What do your valued employees like about working for your company?

What is rare, unique or interesting about your company and or its history?

What are some of the ways that your company is ahead of or better than the competition?

An example of someone who came to your company and grew dramatically into a higher role or expanded their skills.

Ways that you as a leader and your company facilitate the success and well-being of their employees.

What is cutting edge about the projects and technology that they will be working on?

What are the typical 'gripes' of people in this position that they might not have with your company?

How our Flat Fee Hiring Services have helped

Case Study: Resume Search Solutions
Industry: Manufacturing
Company Size: 15 - 20

Dilemma: Not enough sources of qualified resumes and insufficient time to find and pre-screen them

Background: Our customer hired one or two positions a year by placing ads on job boards such as Craigslist and Monster. Initially, they were always pleased with the number of responses, only to find within a week or so the responses stopped coming. Unfortunately if they did not find what they were looking for within that first week, they had very few affordable places to turn to for qualified resumes and active candidates.

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