Staffing Support Solutions

Staffing Coordination

Our Staffing Support Solutions are ideal for HR Departments and Staffing Managers who need incremental administrative staffing support. Whether your Staffing Coordinator just quit, or your hiring manager just picked up 10 new positions, our Staffing Support Solutions are designed to require NO recruitment training by you, and are available "OnDemand" within 24 hours. Why not leave your Staffing Coordination and Staffing Administration requirements to Staffing Service Support professionals?

Staffing Coordination / Administrative Support

To perform staffing coordination tasks most companies either use regular administrative employees after investing much time and money training them or they fall to already over burdened hiring managers. Our Staffing Coordinators can take over wherever you left off and support all staffing needs for an hourly rate or for a flat fee.


A qualified Staffing Consultant will interview your candidate and send you a summary, based on your criteria, giving you the opportunity to decide if they're worth a follow-up. Interview Fee: $150


A Staffing Coordinator will schedule the candidate with your interviewing team and send out MS Meeting Request to all parties. Fee: $75

Reference Checks

A qualified Staffing Consultant will call each candidates references and write a summary based on your criteria. Fee: $75 each

Background Checks

National Criminal Search. Fee: $150

Includes: Verification of S.S. number, Address Verification, One County Criminal Search, Sex offender search, State Criminal search

Each Additional County Search. Fee: $25

College Degree. Fee: $15 each school

Job Descriptions

Most job descriptions for any position in any industry are usually available with 24 hour turnaround. Each description comes in a .doc format and is written specifically for you. No Templates! Fee: $75 each

HR Generalist Duties

Fee: $35 per hour

Sourcing & Networking

Cold Calling - Networking and cold calling are skills that not all Staffing Consultants can master, but this type of sourcing affords you higher caliber candidates with a more specific skill set. All of our Staffing Consultants are guaranteed to have no phone fear and will work as efficiently to quickly as possible, to find the strongest candidate in the shortest amount of time. Fee: $50 per hour

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